Sunday, December 13, 2009

To Collage....or Not

The 2nd image is 8" x 10" acrylic collage painting on cradled birch panel, and the first is a straight acrylic painting on smaller pine panel. The decisions work something like this. I know when I will paint....I know if it will be tomorrow or not for example. To some degree it depends on how busy I am with other things, but I know the next painting will be within a day or so. I don't know what will be painted. I might stop the car on a back road on the way to school and make a 30 second sketch from a motif I see, or I might try to make an encapsulation of the overall mood of the whole day, but using a specific motif to accomplish this. Just as I start the work session...setting up the lights and the materials....I decide there and then how the piece will be made. I know then but not before, if it should be a straight painting or a collage painting...and I usually feel that with great certainty. The approach of the collage paintings is way different...making them feels different....the pace of making is different. I also usually know how long it will take. I might know before hand that the work should be done in an hour...or perhaps three, if I expect to meander around.

These 2 will also go to Nahcotta Gallery


  1. Harry!
    I love the painting with the clouds? Is there one available on your esty site? Best, Connie

  2. Thanks very much Connie. Please click on the Etsy icon on this blog page. I have over 300 things listed there and I like to keep it topped up, pretty much with everything I make.