Friday, March 19, 2010


Today I am very rich in little panels. Tomorrow I might show you what a fridge door full of painted ones looks like.

I took a break (sort of) from making these today, and made a larger painting instead. But I still couldn't resist making 2 small ones after the bigger painting was done.


  1. I'm a sketcher, and I've never delved into painting, though it intrigues me and someday I may get the courage. It just seems more complicated to me (and I can't erase my mistakes). But I like a lot of those paintings at the side.

  2. Thanks, Ann. Half of painting is erasing :) I'm always either adding, or taking away. Covering over with paint is a way of taking away. It's really helpful to look a lot at the type of work you like...I've always found that the best way to learn.

    BTW...that's a great gardening site when I click on your id.