Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Green

I managed to paint some larger pictures at school over the last while. I used them as demonstration pieces for students....they seem to quieten down and perhaps pay more attention when they see me engrossed in a painting problem of my own. I am still keeping them there on display for the kids, but I'll bring them home soon.

Not surprisingly, my methods don't really change from the larger (22" x 30") pieces to the smaller pieces. Everything I do remains a one-sitting might be an hour or it might be 3 hours work, but it has to get done in one sitting and the sense of flow needs to be felt in the process and evident in the looking.

It used to be this way when I was making larger 4 x 6 foot canvases as well, except then I was painting at night.....and it would take from about 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. to finish the thing.


  1. Very nice. I like your Etsy shop too. Are these all in Acrylics?

  2. Thanks, Jenny. I work mostly in acrylics but I do collages with acrylic too, and sometimes I make small oil paintings....but oil is the minority.

  3. i really enjoy reading about your process. i think painting in one-sitting is a really great idea, if you can actually do it. i also love the way you diagram and then work from memory.