Saturday, March 19, 2011

Near Wendy's Hill

Diagramed yesterday, but painted today. It was very warm yesterday, colder today, but much of the snow cover has already disappeared.

The making of the panels perhaps changes the painting style slightly because there is such an investment in preparation, but there is something about the ritual that is pleasing. There is a whole sequence to making the panels....measure and cut the boards, sand the board edges, gesso one side, wait dry, gesso the other side, laminate the painting paper, trim the painting paper and clip the corners to prevent denting, gesso again. I'm sure I could buy something comparable but it's pleasing to make them myself.


  1. I just bought this on Etsy! I feel honored to be able to buy your work. ~Katherine

  2. Thanks, Katherine!....I really appreciate your interest. You will have a nice selection of winter and spring paintings.

  3. I'm so excited. I'm going to get them all framed with wide, white mats and white wood frames...I'll send you final pictures. :)


  4. Katherine....I'd love to see pictures :)