Saturday, May 21, 2011

2 paintings in one day

Today 2 paintings from yesterday's diagrams made on the evening walk. There are times when I want to avoid inevitability.....I don't want the picture to look predictable. Rather hard to do entirely when the picture needs this and's a landscape for god's sake. So I tell myself well, maybe it could be all colour at a way to open up the process completely. I didn't make these all black, but that was the pre-thinking for it....and the process did feel very freeing. I try to do lots of mental things to free up the process.....part of the 'set up' for each picture. Slightly different guidelines lead to different series.

Currently I'm looking at some colours pasted to my door where everything was pared down to nothing.....3 colours together....and wondering if it's as good as anything else I do. I think not, but there's something to the question. Everything should be easy, and there are lots of things we tell ourselves pictures need, when in fact they may not. Making the guidelines you choose to follow is more than half of the enterprise.

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