Friday, August 12, 2011

Walking Home

Walking home as the light starts to fade. I liked how that pink white cloud was peaking out at its gentle, odd angle. Every so often I return to the advice "paint only what is in the initial idea as simply and forcefully as embellishment". You can see just what was in the 30 second diagram. I considered making the painting even smaller so there would be room for absolutely nothing but the original idea or motif.

On another point, greens can be notoriously difficult when we are talking about a tonal observational type of painting, which in part, this is. Intense greens can refuse to lie down and can seem to upset the chemistry of the colour relationships. Even with complementary mixing, some greens can be too energetic. For years I avoided mixing with black, in favour of a complementary mixing system. In this case I did mix with a warm black and was pleased with the results. I'll experiment with mixing greens in this way a bit more.

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