Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fox Hill, Second Thaw, January

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I couldn't post for a long while because blogger wouldn't let me add pictures....glad they fixed that! The start of the second January thaw....within a few days all the snow would be gone...again! 11 x 15, acrylic and pencil on archival paper.


  1. I like the way you're showing the sketch and also the work framed. Very interesting. As usual I love your compositions.

  2. awesome! It's true haven't seen you put much painting up here in a while, but really sweet!
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  3. Harry, I miss seeing your fabulous paintings! You are the master of skies, and clouds! Hoping that you will continue,with painting and blogging, now that the weather is starting to warm up!

  4. Thanks, Nancy! Sorry...I seem to have neglected posting here, because I post very often to Facebook. Are you able to link to my FB page? I post almost every day there.

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