Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Ends (both images Sold)

Both are acrylics on umprimed Whatman paper 10 x 13.75 light during the last few days of September.

Visit me on FB if you have any curiousity about my painting. People often ask interesting questions about my work on FB....I post everything I list there and often stay a while to make comments. The following was one of my responses to a question posted today:

...I know that I need the painting to make a certain surprising design logic that is compelling,.....and I know that I need the work to reflect my world in some direct way. That gives me a large area to move in, and all sorts of invention can take place within those parameters....but I don't try to be original. I just try to make a strong picture that deserves to exist, at least for a little while. But certain kinds of originality will happen as a result of wrestling with that basic problem....that's inevitable.  

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