Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Birds in the Bush

Birds in the Bush was snowing and the juncos hid in the bush after getting their food from the feeder. Acrylic collage painting on heavy archival paper 11 x 15 inches, image size 9.75 x 10.25 inches. The procedure on this one was to simply look out the window, note key compositional, colour, and thematic data, and go right into the work without sketches. Every so often I would get up from my work area, and carefully look at the motif.

I am almost out of Yes paste, which is a big deal because it is without a doubt the best glue I've found for making collage work. It's strong, cleans up easily, goes a long way, is archival, and works great with the papers and panels I'm using. I can't buy any in art stores near me, and had to order it online the last time I purchased. I can't do that at the moment and have to wait for winter to finish because the glue might freeze in transit....the company won't ship until spring.  I'll do my best until then!

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