Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August Haze

Every time I change the paper I use, the work changes slightly as well. I'm enjoying this Arches paper. Many of my paintings start with an undercoat wash, usually a light red. The image is then drawn and painted over that. This paper buckled a fair bit initially, sometimes making it distracting to produce the painting, and some of the buckle remained afterward. There is a simple and very effective fix for this, at least for work of this small scale. I let the work fully dry, place it upside down on a clean, flat surface, and spray the back gently with water and let the paper fully saturate. I brush the excess water with a larger house painting brush so that all parts of the paper have equal access to the water. I place this wet sheet in between sheets of Masonite, and many sheets of blotting paper. This is then all placed under a very tall stack of heavy art books. I remove the painting after a day or more, and the piece is perfectly flat. Sometimes a bit of buckle in the work is fine, and even preferable.   

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