Thursday, July 6, 2017

Buckhorn Arts Festival, Preparation of Work, Continued.....

I ended up using clear pine 1" x 2" to create an indented box that stands 1 inch off the wall, rather than 2 inches. And instead of using small screws and wire to hang, I just notched the  top of the backframe with a 1/4 inch drilled hole. It works great...much less fuss and it's much easier to store and transport these many works safely. The painting panels are attached to the backframes with 100% silicone caulking which can be removed should someone wish to frame in a different way. I like this non-frame method because it pushes the work forward nicely, with no competition or interference from the frame. Now I'm going into production mode, and preparing a whole lot of painted panels this way....I haven't counted but it's well over a 100...we'll see how many I can do in the next month or so.

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