Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Out Like a Lamb

Completed on March 31st. Almost all the snow is gone now, except in the forest. It's possible to get off the roads and into the fields. Here a patch of young tree growth caught my attention along a sharp hill incline. This is a 4" x 4" collage painting.....4 paintings were made in this session.

Will be listed on Etsy before too long.


  1. The size of 4 x 4 inches intrigues me. I'm not sure I can work that small. I marvelled at your stash of painted paper from which to create. Thanks for posting a picture of that.

    PS Your blog is spectacular!

  2. Thanks, Susan. I'm surprised by how much I like the 4" x 4" size. It doesn't feel restricting at all. I like having a number of different sizes and methods....keeps my energy up.

  3. Great color and Swooooosh! (That's a technical term). Very nice!