Friday, October 23, 2015

Interview on Savvy Painter Podcast

Thank you, Antrese Wood, for all the hard work, thought, and interest you put into the Savvy Painter podcast interviews! I've listened to many of the conversations you have in your list, but your interview with me reminds me that there are many more sessions that I still want to listen to at the Savvy Painter. If you're interested in art, take a look at some of Antrese' lineup!

Savvy Painter Podcast


  1. Great interview - thank you for sharing so generously. I appreciate the insight into your process. As a painter myself, I'm always interested in knowing how other people work, and I found this interview kind of freeing ... it's nice to know that you can work in a way that you like, can offer your paintings to people at an affordable price, and not lose any artistic integrity whatsoever. Thank you - I continue to be a loyal follower.

  2. Thank you, Tracy....I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. I'm having a great time making these pictures, and posting them to my daily locations. I like selling them online too....much less removed than having them go through galleries, where I often wouldn't even know who the work went to.