Sunday, December 13, 2015

10 Saved Acres, December 12

 ....looking across the winter wheat field at dusk, to the little forested hill in the distance. Acrylic collage painting on archival paper, 10 x 13 inches, image size 9 x 10 inches.
 Method is a very interesting part of the whole process. Change the method, and you change the outcome. If I paint on location, the work will look one way. If I make a brief diagram, and work from only that, the work will look a different way. If I work entirely from memory, different again. If I take some photos and look at those while working, different still. If I look at a photo while working and then hang a towel over the monitor so I can't always see the photo, thus relying more on memory, different again. The rules of engagement are a big part of what the artist does.
I do favour the method shown here.....a little diagram made on site....worked from later that day. It requires some memory work, while allowing a whole lot of latitude about specific colours, textures, contrasts. It sets the composition, while allowing most other things to remain in flux, to be determined in the painting process.

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