Monday, December 21, 2015

Garden Hill, Long View

Acrylic collage painting on Stonehenge. Since the painting previous to this was on panel, this one was collage on paper. Had I done this on panel, the inclination would have been to make it more involved, to struggle a bit more. The paint on panel often seems to require more handling before it sits right. With collage, I often seek to have the collage colour itself hold its ground. In this case, the sky was collaged, and then the entire sky was repainted overtop, but the effect would be much different if it was only paint, without collage. As well as establishing a good portion of the mood, the collage also provides something to work against. There are only 3 pieces of collage in this. One large grey/blue sheet for the sky, a band of brownish on the bottom, and a sliver of naples yellow colour for the hill.    

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