Thursday, January 26, 2017

Buckhorn Fine Art Festival

I will be taking part in the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, in Buckhorn, Ontario, August 19th, and 20th of this year. I'll be showing a wide selection of my small works. Some will be framed, and many will also be unframed, in plastic sleeves, and can be looked through.

Years ago, this series of small landscapes began with the approximate size of the 2 pieces above...5.5 x 8 inches. These 2 are  new and were completed today and yesterday. I'm going to go back to this size for a little feels like I'm making secret messages when I work this interesting and enchanting feeling. I started making work this size while I was a teacher....I needed to  keep making work, but time was short, so I would make a piece this size when I got home from school in the evenings. I was always tired, but making one of these would rejuvenate me.

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