Sunday, January 8, 2017

Framing Small Artwork

Many thanks to the wonderful artist Mary Jo O'Gara  (click on the link to see her beautiful pieces) who sent along these photos of my artwork in her house. I love seeing how people frame and place the work in their`s just so exciting to see! And I think Mary Jo did an outstanding job of framing this piece. Framing can be a difficult thing, and it takes a lot of looking and comparing of results.

I also like how Patti Blumenthal framed one of my small collage paintings on gessoed birch panel, and I really appreciate getting a chance to see these photos of both works in their new environments!
Here's one of my drawings in a simple museum frame. The matte is 4 inches, top and sides, 4.5 inches on bottom, and the white is a warm off-white. If in doubt about any of your framing choices, this method will work very well for all my works on paper. Where the edge is part of the work, it should be shown, and not covered up by the matte.

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