Monday, July 17, 2017

Colour Notes

Here is list of some of the main colours I use: ultramarine blue, permanent blue light, cadmium red middle (sparingly, and good for mixing), cadmium yellow middle (sparingly, and good for mixing), naples yellow, titanium buff light, or unbleached titanium, titanium white, prussian blue, chromium oxide green, hookers green, sap green, viridian green, ultramarine violet (great for cutting the saturation of greens, and for achieving more variety with blues), burnt umber, raw umber, I also use a variety of mixed colours,packaged in tubes, often not light portrait pink, greyish blue, light blue violet, neutral grey...(they are great for tinting other colours). carbon black (great for mixing greys and allows to you easily achieve both warm and cool greys). The dark blues and greens are great for mixing the equivalents of black when mixed with the umbers.
I use the carbon black mostly to mix greys, but for a variety of extreme darks in the painting I use my darkest blues and greens mixed with the relaltive complementary....I love mixing darks! So for dark green masses I might use hookers green + prussian blue + burnt umber.
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  1. Thanks for these notes, Harry, and thanks also for explaining the way you hang your paintings. They look so good displayed like that with no frames to distract!

  2. Yes, thank you! I appreciate your notes and the explantation as well. Your color is so lovely and rich, I assumed it was oil! Do you mind sharing how you prepare your surfaces, just a layer of acrylic gesso? Or do you recommend to add a layer of sizing as well? Thank you. -Michael

  3. Thanks, Michael! I gesso the panels twice, both sides, with a light sanding between coats. The edges get coated 4 times, which helps keep the panels strong, with no bumping to the corners over time.

  4. Harry, thanks! Good to know. With oils I worry about sink-in discoloration amongst other issues with the surface over time, which is why I asked about a using sizing. I am a newbie to acrylic, but I think that it should be less of a problem! -M