Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Evening Comes

Evening Comes (Sold)
...the snow melted and then returned...it's in shadow here. Acrylic collage painting on thin gessoed birch panel 7.5 x 12 inches.
This is what my world looked like yesterday. Today there's way more fluffy snow around....almost time to go clear the driveway again, for the second time today. You can get some sense of how long driveways here can be.....
......the pink at horizon and the grey purple of the background sky here are both collage colours. When I first chose them at the start of this piece, I thought they might not work.....I was glad when that transition colour pulled the 2 together better.
....it's strange, but oftentimes a collage colour will allow me to get closer to a desired colour effect, than simply painting the colours would. I think that's because when I choose the collage colour, the surface, texture, density of the colour are already established. When I paint a colour....all of those things have to be considered at once...way more things to juggle.

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