Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snowmobile Trail

Snowmobile Trail (Sold)
Acrylic collage painting on thin gessoed birch panel 7.5 x 12 inches. They modified the trail a bit this year; now I no longer have to leap out of the way at a moment's notice....
The whole piece was based on that collage colour for the sky. I didn't want to change that, so everything had to come into balance with it. This morning I fiddled with the sky a bit more, collaging a few extra pieces of the same colour on top, to create a touch more opacity. I normally try not to alter a piece after the single work session in which each painting is created, but every now and again it happens....


  1. Oh Harry I do so love this one - think it's my favourite...

  2. Thanks, Carol. The one I'll post later today is something of a companion piece...even though, at first glance, they don't look much alike.