Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

October 12th...Thanksgiving Day in Canada....chilly and cloudy but the fall colours are intense. Here just a bit of red peeks through into the coniferous line. Small acrylic on gessoed paper, 7" x 6", listed on Etsy.

Most recently I've been painting a series of small 8" x 10" panels for the next Enormous Tiny Art Show at Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Nahcotta Gallery

My fascination with tiny art goes back a long way. I started making small things as a way to continue producing while teaching. I've always needed to finish the work in one sitting and it was possible to produce regularly even with an often demanding schedule. Beyond that, I also found that the small works were more open, contained more surprises, were more intuitive and free, and in many ways more intriguing overall. There is also something secretive about small work which is appealing...more can be said because it is whispered.

There is also something more democratic about tiny works. They are cheaper and really, anyone can afford a piece if they are interested. This opens up the market to those who are younger and just starting out, giving them more time to develop a strong sense of connoisseurship. Larger pieces need larger walls, putting restrictions both upon those who might buy and the artist who makes. Believe me it is easier to warehouse 400 tiny paintings than that number of larger canvases! You hold a tiny piece closer to your body and feel a sense of intimacy, and there are any number of places and ways it can be exhibited in any and all home environments.

I'll hold back the works for the Nahcotta until it is time to ship, but everything else goes directly into my shop. It has been my practice to avoid galleries for the past number of years because I enjoy the online selling experience a great deal. But I liked how Nahcotta was doing things and wish them great luck with their tiny art ventures....they are worth a look!