Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve, Early Darkness

Acrylic collage on archival Whatman paper, 8 x 10, image size 6.5 x 8.5 inches. This is a little way into a series which aims at being a bit more automatic, although this is about image 5 or 6 into the series and the latter ones have more deliberation than the first ones.

How To Make a Collage!

How to make a collage....

 -dig around for a piece of painted paper, but don't dig too long or you'll drive yourself crazy
-cut or tear the paper.....put big pieces down first....the first 2 pieces cover the whole image size
-paint on the glue, apply immediately to the surface, place typing paper on top and rub, quickly turn typing paper over and rub again, so that you rub out any glue that squeezed out....don't let your hand touch the collage....much
-put your hand in the water bucket every so often, and dry off with gnarly old towel (old is good!), so that you don't stick to your coffee cup
-proceed until you are happy with your collage.....and always be happy.
-stare at your finished collage until you suck the life out of this point you have to make something else....and repeat, forever....
-save the bigger pieces of cut up leftover collage paper, but the smaller pieces have to go in the garbage.....or you will surely drive yourself crazy! (but those smaller leftover pieces also look soooo nice....)
-always clean up after every session (things can get very STRANGE very quickly)