Sunday, July 30, 2017

Framing Masonite Paintings in Float Frames

I am also making float frames for many of my small panels and am using 100% silicone adhesive (5 small in each corner, and the center of the panel) to firmly glue the panel to the frame support beneath.  The process is completely reversible...the painted panel can be safely removed without damaging the work. You never know when someone down the line may want to rework the presentation. Made with clear pine,  painted satin white, wired at back, and ready to hang. The reveal on each side is 1/8 inch, and I chose to keep everything white for a simple, clean look. I will also be finishing some with just clear minwax, which leaves the pine very pale. I used Jon Peters' excellent video to guide me in making this.    I used  a thin nail set to counter-sink nails and filled with wood filler.

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  1. Luv. The white is perfect.

    I found your post when searching framing panels in Canada, so good job on the SEO. I also found Jon Peters' videos, but lack the carpentry skills and a workshop space to make these myself. Argh, shopping for art supplies in Canada is tough ... and we don't have a Curry's or Above Ground here in Newfoundland. I'm in art supply withdrawal.