Saturday, July 8, 2017

Country Living

I love walking these roads in the evenings.The roadsides are well treed...I hear the wind move through the foliage and all kinds of little animal life in the hedges. The crows are always squacking about something or other. The light seems to change by the minute, and there are open views as well as more crowded-in areas where there's less can smell the summer growth. And I love being away from everything, and still hearing human life on the edge. I'm far up in the hills, and I can hear single cars winding down the road miles away. It makes me happy knowing they're there. I can hear cars coming from either direction for 15 seconds before I see them...tractors, ATVs and motorbikes I can hear for way longer before they pass. Often, on weekends, I can hear the rock band practicing, next to the horse farm and chickabiddy''s nice hearing them from this distance, but I wonder what Boris the horse farmer thinks...they are right across the road from him. I like stopping and talking to Sally the pretty young mare with the star on her forehead...she likes me and always looks up and approaches the fence when I get close....her horse buddies follow her. I keep meaning to bring them cut up apple bits. Recently I've seen a pair of coyotes ranging in the fields, close to the hedgerows, crossing at 10....they like being out the same time I am....getting close to dark...but not quite....

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